Unfortunately, due to a hip injury, of our refrigerator tech. We will not be able to offer refrigerator and ice maker repairs for the next several months. When he recovers from his injuries we will resume refrigerator repairs. Thank you for your patience.

Refrigerator Repairs

Make Sure Your Food Is Stored in Safe Temperatures

Plan your refrigerator repair project in in South Richmond, Midlothian and Chesterfield area.

Is your refrigerator on the fritz? There's no time to waste. Turn to the pros at Affordable Home Appliance Service and Repair for refrigerator repairs ASAP.

We'll make sure your food has the cool storage space it needs by fixing your refrigerator's gasket issues, compressor issues and more. There's no limit to the types of refrigerators we can fix, so yours will be up and running again in no time. Speak with our team for services in South Richmond, Midlothian and Chesterfield area today about your refrigerator repair services.

3 reasons to repair your refrigerator sooner rather than later

You shouldn't hesitate to call our refrigerator repair team when your fridge is broken. Speedy repairs can help you...

  1. Keep your food fresh for longer
  2. Lower your monthly energy bills
  3. Reduce moisture to prevent mold

Don't wait to get the repairs you need. Arrange for our quick and efficient refrigerator repair services today.